To support the On the Road Lending initiative, Champion created On the Road Sustainability Funds, which fall under the category of ESG impact investing and are structured similar to private equity LLCs. Impact investors, including individuals, corporations and foundations, have invested capital into the funds, which are then used to finance below-market auto loans for late model, fuel-efficient vehicles for working families. The vehicles financed by these funds are models that have a low environmental impact, such as Toyota Camrys and Corollas. The average reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption is about 30% over what the client was driving previously, making this fund an ESG investment that is improving air quality while enabling families to access better jobs and better lives with better cars.

Large investment banks are participating in the loans with debt or equity, providing a valuable partnership that advances their Community Reinvestment Act obligations while expanding the reach of the impact investors in the funds. Investors in the funds are paid an annual dividend competitive with the bond market or other fixed-income investment opportunities. A return has been paid to investors every year.

These funds are not traded securities. Opportunities for investment are made on a private basis to accredited investors only.